Re-designing my portfolio site

Why Hugo?

As I document my development journey Hugo offers a wonderful opportunity for a fully fledged blog feature. Generating a new…

How to format an image to be a link in markdown

What is Continuous Integration?

Continuous integration safely allows multiple users to contribute to one repository on Github. In essence continuous integration gives us a safety net to stop us pushing bad or broken code to our production build and hence our deployment.

BeatJuice in action

  • Adding and detecting scores
  • Indicating which side a player starts on via colours
  • Serving the ball from a player perspective
  • Serving the ball from beginning of the game
  • Serving the ball once scored against
  • Game over condition

Making the AI Paddle

Switch around the paddle position so red is left and blue is right

Choosing an engine

The first decision to make was to choose a suitable engine to code our game in. The challenge calls for a front end only, no backend and no game engines like Unity3D or UnrealEngine. …

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